As Goes the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), So Goes the New Testament and the Qur’an: Two New Posts for November and December

Original Enoch in Aramaic
Post 1:
Recent facts presented by Emmanuel Tov and other scholars of the Hebrew Bible have used textual evidence from the Qumran Scrolls to force a revision in the orthodox canonical assumptions that have long formed the matrix of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic belief systems. Reality has proven time and again that believers have depended on theological assumptions to apologetically defend the historicity of Biblical events which remains an imperative if these three major monotheistic religions are to have any textual base in historical reality.

In this post, I’ll build on my earlier post that no section of the Bible is textually older than 250 BCE (or more likely 200 BCE). In addressing both internal and external facts, I’ll present a Second Temple Judaism totally adsorbed in literary fabrications.

Post 2:
My second post will compliment Post 1 by extending my list of 295 extra-canonical books to roughly 380 inspired literary fabrications from this period in Judeo-Christian history. (If we were to add the Protestant Biblical Canon of 66 so-called “books” to this list, then these literary fabrications and forgeries would extend to around 450 God inspired sacred texts!)

Finally, I would invite believers from the Judeo-Christian-Islamic belief systems (be they laymen or doctoral scholars) to prove either of my posts textually and historically wrong as well as how the orthodox doctrine of authority (be it Protestant Sola Scriptura; Catholic / Orthodox Ecclesiastical Tradition or Islam’s Claims for the Qur'an)  can continue to be supported with intellectual honesty.