A Snapshot of the Back Cover of "The Christian Delusion"

I tire of elitist Christian apologists who want more atheist philosophers of the stature of Graham Oppy and the late Jordan Howard Sobel. There is just something about this that annoys me, not because these two towering atheists don't destroy the God-hypothesis. They do. It's because Christians are trying to skirt the real basis for their faith, the historical lack of evidence for the reliability of the Bible. I really think Christians love good atheist philosophy because it doesn't actually challenge their faith. This is something I wrote about here. Okay then, Graham Oppy recommends at least two of my books. Click on the back cover of my book, The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, to see what he wrote about it.Now what? Say he didn't mean what he said? Say it wasn't really a good endorsement after all? If it isn't that good of a book why would he write a blurb for it at all? Get it. See for yourself.