John's Top 30 Substantive Posts in 2013

This year I've tried to categorize them rather than list them in order of importance. Enjoy. Again, this listing might be changed slightly as the end of the year approaches.

Posts with Lists:

On Justifying the Use of Ridicule and Mockery.

Five Definitive Answers When Christians Say We Never Were Christians.

Five Major Signs Your Brain is Made Stupid By Faith.

The Top 10 Christian Responses to Typhoon Haiyan.

Concerning Science and Faith:

An Atheist Visits the Creation Museum in Kentucky And Tells All.

On Solving the Problem of Induction.

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence, No Ifs Ands or Buts About It.

Should Science Be Viewed As a Metal Detector?

Who Has a Closed Mind? The Definitive Answer.

Two Negative Reviews of the Outsider Test for Faith (OTF).

Enough of This Utter Nonsense, On Knowing the Supernatural.

Posts on Morality:

Do Objective Unchanging Moral Facts Exist?

Michael Shermer On Morality. Off-site link.

On God and Objective Moral Values, One More Time.

Two Unanswerable Dilemmas Concerning God and Morality.


An Update on Why William Lane Craig Refuses to Debate Me.

My Debate with Dr. Randal Rauser in Edmonton, Canada.

Series of Posts:

More Posts On Liars for Jesus, seen in reverse chronological order.

Do You Want to be a Christian Apologist? seen in reverse chronological order.

There Isn’t a Bad Reason to Reject the Christian Faith, seen in reverse chronological order.

John's Review of "A Manual for Creating Atheists" seen in reverse chronological order.

John's Critical Review of the Book, "God and Evil" seen in reverse chronological order.

John's Critical Review of the Book, “In Defense of the Bible” seen in reverse chronological order.

Miscellaneous Posts:

My Inaugural Speech, On the State of the Case for Christianity.

Believing in Christianity is Irrational!

The More Conservative The Church, The Less Likely It's True.

Amnesia is the New Opiate of the Evangelical Masses.

Civility, Like Tolerance, Like Free Speech, Like Human Rights, Like Freethought, Like Peace, Like Justice, Are All Contingent On the Truth.

Are Christian Apologists Like William Lane Craig Dishonest?

Asherah, the Israelite Goddess.