Bill Nye Won His Debate Against Ken Ham: More Evolutionists Should Debate Creationists

After watching Bill Nye beat Ken Ham in his recent debate I would like to see more evolutionists debate creationists. Let's go to them. Most of these Christians live within cloistered cathedral walls within Christian communities. They only hear what their parents, preachers and Sunday School teachers tell them. They do not trust science. They do not trust scientists. They only trust the Bible. They are so indoctrinated they will never read a book on evolution. The only time they might consider thinking outside of the Christianity they were indoctrinated to believe is through a debate like this. The evidence is so overwhelming in favor of evolution it can only be a win for us. Richard Dawkins, Jerry Coyne, and PZ Myers are all wrong. I call upon them to change their minds. Yes, evolution is a fact. It is beyond dispute. But if we want to change the minds of deeply imbedded Christians within their communities, who will never consider evolution, then we need to go where they are found. And debates on creation are the perfect solution. We must do it for the children. We must do it for the youths in the grip of this religious indoctrination who can see for themselves when watching a debate. Consider it another way to educate the American youths of the future, so we can be a leading nation in the science of the future. If you still refuse to debate creationists then stop hindering other evolutionists like Bill Nye who buck the social pressure you provide. Stop discouraging evolutionists from debating creationists, please!


Byroniac said...

A friend of mine told me a blue collar construction worker joke: "One Oh-Shit wipes out 8 Atta-Boys." With that in mind, I have not watched the debate myself, but I am very pleased that Nye apparently won the debate decisively against Ham. But I think it would be better for an evolutionist to NOT debate creationists than to lose a debate to a Creationist, personally. I am just happy that this did not occur this time from what I am hearing.