Bill Nye Trounces Ken Ham in Their Debate! Wow!

This is the headline I want to write. But the debate hasn't taken place yet. It's going to take place tonight at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time and you can watch it live at Then comment as it takes place in real time back here. If you're early you might want to read the all-time number 1 post at Debunking Christianity on the debate itself. Remember, this debate won't settle the issue. The issue has already been settled in the laboratories, peer-reviewed scientific journals, scholarly books and college classrooms. Evolution is a fact. So relax and enjoy. Watch the gerrymandering, the nonsense, the buffoonery, the idiocy of Ken Ham in action. You will learn something about the deluded mind. That's for sure. [Edit: Bill Nye did in fact beat Ken Ham. Read this for more.]