As a Total Literary Fraud Filled with Stolen Religious Ideas, the Bible Offers the World Nothing New

It’s simple.  Can anyone name one technological advancement, one scientific achievement, or a single advancement in morals and ethics not already covered earlier and better in a neighboring cultures near Palestine ?  
Even the religious ideas (theology) of the Bible such as creation, the flood, the idea of sin, sacrifice and atonement, Holy War, the divine rule of kings and religious leaders as well as every idea of divinity claimed for Jesus making him special and unique, were all plagiarized from much older Egyptian, MesopotamianPersian and Greco-Roman religions.
Yet, due to the fact that Christianity has been able to continually mutate while taking advantage of lucky breaks in history (such has being used to legitimizing authoritarian ruling powers while demonizing all other religions and cultures, especially those whose religious identification it had stolen); today Christianity survives because of its ability to generate billions of dollars while it employs millions in the Christian religious industry.  In reality, Christianity continues to survive as a parasite living and feeding off the host of believes whose minds it dominates though either ignorance and / or denial.

(No, I don't hate the Bible and Christianity, I love the truth and these two are not it!)