Without A Mythical Jesus, What Has Modern Scholarship Left Us With?

Meet the Son of God:  Jesus
"And Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.” (Matt. 8: 20)

When Jesus is stripped of all his miracles, the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, his descend to Hell, and his accent to Heaven (all of which the majority of New Testament scholars inform us are later theological embellishments), popular modern scholars such as Dale Allison and Bart Ehrman tell us that Jesus was nothing but a Failed Apocalyptic Prophet whose eschatology about the End of the Age was materialize in his own crucifixion.

Without the dogma of Christian Fundamentalism (that the Bible as recorded in the King James Version is a complete and true Plenary Verbally Inspired revelation from God) or a Mythical Jesus which fully supports the Jesus of Fundamentalism (apart from historical fact), the stripped down Jesus modern critical scholarship has left us with is a simply a homeless Jesus; a wandering nobody.  A Jesus who - in all likelihood - had a mental condition much like David Koresh, Jim Jones or Brian David Mitchell (who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart).  A Jesus, who thought he could either talked directly for God, was God or more likely both.  A Jesus, who, like the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith, gave out revelations directly to his followers from God with a new theological twist.

Ironically, in the arid hot climate of Roman Palestine, any Historical Jesus would have appeared more like a street person reeking of body odors with matted hair and foul breath.  A Jesus of 1st century Palestine (where most people died before age 30) would have been losing his teeth and plagued with chronic health conditions. (Little wonder he preached Hell because he probably felt like Hell). The reality (as it still is today) is that like most mentally ill people, Jesus could not hold down a job or a relationship, but as a wandering illiterate psychotic who found comfort in his ideas (theology) about his personal importance to God . . . a Jesus who would "Preach for food".

This is the Historical Jesus modern scholarship has left liberal Christianity with. But hey; he’s a real Historical Jesus!