Islam Could Become the World's Largest Religion After 2070

The Atlantic reports. From what I know I think they may be right. "Researchers at Pew have projected that after 2070, the world's Muslims will outnumber the world's Christians." Not only that but, "The world is on track to become a more homogeneously religious place, not a more diverse and secular one. Theories of secularization are based on a vision of a world culturally dominated by the West, and it's true that the United States and Europe may become somewhat less religious in the coming years. But in terms of sheer numbers, the West is shrinking, and the rest of the world is on a very different path: one that's headed toward God." They might be wrong though, and the reason is the internet. It does have a great amount of impact, and I think the Outsider Test for Faith will play a big role, along with the results of science itself, in keeping the barbarians at bay.