New Book, "Divine Hate"

I received two copies of my friend's wonderful book recently. It can be found on Amazon titled, Divine Hate - He Who Does Not Believe Will Be Condemned - Why It Is Not To Be Believed.The only thing more I had wished would have been his signature on it. He goes by the name Fellow Feather. He is an 87 year old "man with a mission" writes Robert M. Price in the Foreword. Price also tells us,
Feather has seen wars and heard rumors of wars, and it vexes him to see religion causing more of the same...His goal is much like that of the ancient gadfly Diogenes who carried around a lit lamp in the daytime, looking for an honest man. Feather is looking to get people to start being honest with themselves about what they believe. To this end, he has put his career's worth of expertise in media, marketing, and communication to work, producing a series of mini-essays published as ads in various magazines and newspapers...Feather's gift as well as his technique is to set forth the issues in a manner that is short, sweet, and right to the point. One might even say, right to the jugular.
In this book you'll find a lot of ads that he placed in the Free Inquiry magazine and in select newspapers around the States. Feather has also created the best Robert G. Ingersoll site online, from which he chose some of his material to reproduce in this book. I like having them in print, in one book! This is a good work filled with great essays and ads! I have it placed on a shelf next to my own books. I liked reading his personal story, and I liked the responses to his many ads reproduced in the book. Bravo! He is a man of great passion and knowledge. Keep it up!