Evidence that Big Media does not want Bernie Sanders to win and what this means for his campaign

Polls show Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary debate hands down. Big Media declared otherwise. If anything else Big Media is out of touch with the people. Now It's being argued that these people don't count, that they don't vote, or they are too young to know better. I'm just one person, an intellectual, and I say these polls express my impression of the debate, that Bernie Sanders kicked butt.

Regardless of who won, there are a lot of people who disagreed with Big Media on this. What do you think most of these people will conclude when they see Big Media declare something they consider absurd, that Clinton won the debate? It will be considered strong evidence of what Bernie Sanders is saying. So what do you think many of these people will do after that kind of overwhelming evidence? They will be motivated. Big Media just handed Sanders what his campaign needed. Of course, Sanders put Big Media between a rock and a hard place. If they had declared Sanders the winner, his campaign would be kicked into high gear. So either way they responded it would help his campaign.