My New Intense Passion, I'm Getting Into Politics

I appreciate all of you, my many readers, very much! You come from different backgrounds and are interested in different kinds of discussions having to do with Christianity. I've tried to give you something to chew on every couple of days or so, and when I don't, other team members thankfully do so.

After every book of mine gets published I usually feel a strong urge to quit blogging, at least for a time. So I was thinking about taking another break, this time a long one. Having grown very tired of debunking Christianity and the ignorant Christan attempts at defending the indefensible, it has gotten boring for me to write on Christianity after almost ten years of making it my focus.

That was then. This is now.

I have a new passion. I'm going to change my focus. I'm getting political. Yep. That's correct. I'm getting into politics. If you are a regular reader of this blog you should understand my change of focus.

It's not that I won't continue writing about Christianity. This is about my focus for the foreseeable future, at least up until the democratic nomination for the President has been determined.

What am I going to do?

I'm throwing my intellectual weight in the political campaign to elect Senator Bernie Sanders as our next President. I don't care if someone says he doesn't have a chance. I love those odds and I love an underdog!

Here are two important reasons why:

The first reason is that Bernie Sanders needs me. He needs us. He needs people to support him since the number one political problem we have today is that people with special interests representing big money have hijacked American democracy. Very wealthy people with selfish special interests are going to fight Bernie Sanders to the proverbial death. I'm getting behind Bernie Sanders because of this, and would do so for no other reason but because of this, since billionaires with lots of money should not be able to sidetrack the democratic ideals we love for their own self-interests.

The evidence is clear so far that they're trying:

The second reason is because Bernie Sanders held up Norway, Denmark, and Sweden as good models of good societies in his recent presidential debate. These three countries have solved, or are solving, the problems we face in America. They have much higher rates of societal health than other countries. They are also largely atheist countries, which to me is significant, although it doesn't have to be just atheists who support these kind of societies!

That Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are atheist countries doesn't mean only atheists can benefit from living in them, or that believers cannot support them. I don't know if Bernie Sanders is an atheist, and it doesn't matter if he is. Any humanist or secularist who supports the complete separation of the state from the church can support the policies of Bernie Sanders as represented by these countries. In fact, since I think this is representative of the wave of the future, I want to be on the right side of history. Join me, won't you? Be on the right side of history, just like democracy has proven to be on the right side of history, even though it was unthinkable a few centuries earlier. Let atheists be known in future generations for helping produce the best societies that are good for everyone.

If we truly want a democratic America we must all have the right to vote, but we must all have equal representation as much as feasible too. As it stands, billionaires not only have a vote but they try to control the election process and in so doing they can nullify hundreds, thousands and perhaps even hundreds of thousands of votes, and more, by what they do with their money. That's not equal representation and THIS MUST END NOW! If you are tired of being manipulated by money, or in having others who vote against your candidates being manipulated by money, then you must vote for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has lit a fire of hope under many of us. He's asking for a political revolution. Nothing less than that will get us moving again and meeting the needs of the American people. I think he can win. I really do. So I'm throwing my intellectual weight behind Bernie Sanders. Even if he doesn't win it's the right thing to do. It will also send a big message to others.


If Hillary Clinton wins the democratic nomination instead, I would be very pleased to cast my vote for her to be the first woman President. But until that time happens I'm for Bernie Sanders. I ask my readers to support him too.

I am John W. Loftus and I approve this blog post. I was not paid by anyone to post it. These are my own thoughts, my opinions, and I stand by them in hopes other reasonable people will join me.