An Update On William Lane Craig's Policy Not To Debate Me

A friend emailed

I'd love to watch Dr Craig debate John W Loftus. Do you know if he has any plans to?



The response from the Executive Director at Reasonable Faith is below:


Are you referring to his former student? If so, then a debate is not likely. Dr. Craig has a ministerial policy of not debating former students, teachers, or employees. This is entirely for relational reasons to steward thier [SIC] hearts.

Lee Koz, P.E.
Executive Director
Reasonable Faith


Three questions: When was this policy put into place, how many others want to debate him, and do they have the credentials I do? I suspect some pressure may work on him.


My friend responded:

Ah, that's a shame! What a strange policy. I know a lot of people would watch that debate with interest. A lot of people, myself included, consider Loftus' book Why I Became an Atheist to have defeated Dr. Craig's arguments, so I hope Dr. Craig reads it and comes to see the value in participating in a debate with Loftus.


Thank you! That's the kind of pressure I'm talking about.

I think it can happen. He may beat me in the eyes of many, but I would be introduced to his fan base which he wants to avoid at all costs.