Faith is Superfluous and Unnecessary

If faith is involved in everything we claim to know then some things we know have very little faith involved, while other things we claim to know are heavily saturated in faith. Faith would be superfluous at that point and unnecessary. For we could say it differently, saying that some things we know have a very high degree of probability to them, while other things we claim to know have a very low degree of probability to them. Faith represents nothing except the acknowledgement that someone is believing something that has a low degree of probability to it and yet calling it knowledge. If we thought exclusively in terms of the probabilities then by depending on faith for knowledge whenever the probabilities are low is an abdication of intellectual responsibility.

Faith is an irrational leap over the probabilities when it comes to matters of fact like the nature of nature, its workings and origins. This is especially seen when it comes to which religion is true, if there is one. If faith is trust we should not trust faith to answer these types of questions. No one in the ancient pre-scientific world knew anything about science for me to trust by faith what they wrote.