Doubt Leads to Disbelief, But Why?

Slowly but methodologically doubt leads to disbelief. This is what happens over and over in the lives of ex-Christians like me. No wonder doubt is frowned upon as a vice, while faith is touted as a virtue. Look where it can lead! The question to be taken seriously is why doubt leads to disbelief rather than to faith.

Rene Decartes laid down a good challenge. Doubt everything as much as possible for once in your life. Descartes was a good Catholic so it's not just me saying it. Doubt your faith as if you were an outsider to it, never having heard of it before. Do so by seeking objective evidence for it rather than 2nd 3rd 4th handed down anecdotal evidence to confirm it. Look for coherent beliefs. Try to make sense of its doctrines. It's not too late to start the 2017 Debunking Christianity Challenge.