Hell and the 2007 Slasher Film Hostel: Part 2

I don't watch very many horror films and even fewer slasher films. I picture myself as one of the victims, never one the killers, so they always make me hate the killers. I don't want to hate. So I don't enjoy these movies so much. Plus, lots of gore is uninteresting to me. But since this is the season to scream, and because one of these films was made available for free last night, my wife and I watched the 2007 slasher film Hostel: Part 2. It has generated a fair amount of criticism and censorship over the years, since 2007. [Trailer below]

A couple of gruesome acts almost caused us to stop watching. We watched it all, and I noticed something very interesting. I hated the rich class of people who paid money to fulfill their killing fantasies. I hated the people who presented the human goods up to them for the slaughter. I hurt for the innocents while being slaughtered. But when one gal broke free and subsequently slaughtered a couple of the killers, I enjoyed watching that, even though it displayed the same type of gruesomeness.

So it appears that a certain sense of fair play calls upon bringing down revenge on people according to their own actions. This is where hell came to be invented in the ancient world. It's what ancient barbaric people wished upon their enemies because of the way barbaric people killed each other, and I doubt they had much remorse while doing so.

Revenge and hate. They're probably natural in human beings. But it doesn't have to be normal. It doesn't have to be gruesome. And we don't need a God to leave them behind.

Do you watch horror films? What kind do you like the most? Which ones are your favs?