Newspaper write-up of my debate with Jim Spiegel

Here's a newspaper write-up of my debate with Jim Spiegel near Indianapolis. The church seemed fairly full, probably 400 people. A lot of young people were there. LINK.

The article mentions my vehicle broke down on my way to the church, and that Jim picked me up on his way. Yes, my van, the one pictured resting on the beach of Lake Mead when Sheila and I were there a few months back. I began my comments by saying God tried to stop me from coming tonight but the devil won ;-)

It threw a rod and needs another engine. Damn. I hate that. It's sitting at a mechanics shop waiting for another one to replace it. The mechanic found one that has 120,000 miles on it for $550, and the labor costs are $850. If you've been helped by what I do please consider helping me out on this. The one thing that has plagued me for years is money; not enough of it. Use "PayPal.Me/jwloftus" at PayPal. Please help.

Send 1 million dollars. I'll take less. ;-)

As you can see from the news article it was a civil debate between us. When dealing with respectful people who have some good arguments (as far can be expected anyway) I am friendly and respectful, especially in person. I may not always be that way online, since some people personally attack me and/or repeatedly spout off idiocies as facts.

A video of the debate is forthcoming so be patient.