"Send a copy of 'The Case Against Miracles' to your favorite Christian apologist!!!"

"Send a copy of 'The Case Against Miracles' to your favorite Christian apologist!!!" So challenges Gary M, a former conservative Lutheran, who is now a counter-apologist. He writes for his blog Escaping Christian Fundamentalism, which I highly recommend everyone visit.

On Amazon Gary wrote a 5-Star review of my anthology The Case Against Miracles (CaM), saying:
I am a counter-apologist and have read a long list of books by Christian scholars, apologists, and fellow skeptic counter-apologists. This book, The Case Against Miracles, is absolutely devastating to the theistic belief in miracles, and more specifically, absolutely devastating for the greatest alleged miracle of all, the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. The convoluted arguments made by Christian apologists for their belief in the supernatural are disassembled. Order this book for yourself and send a second copy to a Christian friend or family member! Help to facilitate the demise of fear-based, superstitious thinking.
To see the books he's read, just check out his current top post! It's pretty impressive. He likes CaM so much he sent copies to several top Christian apologists whom he names:

--Michael Licona
--William Lane Craig
--Paul Copan
--Gary Habermas
--Greg Koukl
--Josh McDowell
--Sean McDowell
--Peter Kreeft
--JP Moreland
--Matt Slick
--Frank Turek
--Adam Francisco (Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod apologist, my former denomination)
--Angus Menuge (LCMS)
--Korey Maas (LCMS)
--Craig Parton (LCMS)
--Joel Edmund Anderson

Then he issued a challenge in the comments here at DC:
This book, edited by John Loftus, is the perfect holiday gift for Christian apologists. This book is a devastating critique of the belief in miracles and a stunning dismemberment of Christian apologetics. Help get out the message of reason, science, and rational thinking to the superstitious and delusional!

Right now, if you use your credit card's Reward Points on Amazon, you can purchase The Case Against Miracles and ship it to your favorite apologist for about $18. I used reward points so it didn't cost me anything (other than points). I would encourage every skeptic who follows this blog to do the same. If you have an Amazon account, Amazon will ship it directly to the apologist or pastor as a "gift" and bill your credit card. You can google to find the mailing address of most apologists or at least the university or institution where they work. I think this book can have a HUGE impact. LINK.
I'm very grateful for this. I can only hope others will follow his example. If you agree, follow his example!