On Promoting "The Case against Miracles"

As of this writing all of the typos have finally been fixed in The Case Against Miracles, thanks not to Hypatia Press but to William Kelly, a 42 year old who lives in South Carolina, self-described as a "Vegangelical Atheist who loves science and philosophy." Things might change with the upcoming anthology Varieties of Jesus Mythicism, so we'll see.
Kelly as you might guess, is a fan of my work. I recently thanked him profusely for his efforts and sent him the corrected PDF of the book as a way of saying thanks. [On July 20th I asked Hypatia Press when buyers can expect to get the corrected version, but I still haven't heard back as of today.] 
Kelly wrote back, saying:
It really means so much to me that you let me be involved. It is nearly impossible for me to tell you just how important many of your books have been for my intellectual development. I try not to have heroes, but I can’t help it. You are definitely one of my intellectual heroes. 
Can’t wait to read the newest version of your book. And any other books you write/edit. I know you plan to stop after another book or two, but for selfish reasons, I hope you don’t. That said, if you do, you have definitely had a major impact on me, many others, and on the whole field itself. You definitely deserve a break. 
You rock sir! Hope to keep in touch!
I responded to him as follows: 
I get attacked by some and ignored by others, so it's always nice to get notes likes yours. Thank you so much for your encouragement! Spread the word as you can.
Which brings me to the need to promote this anthology. The Case against Miracles needs your help in promoting it. Hypatia Press, not unlike other atheist publishers,  doesn't seem to promote my book at all. If you like it please help me promote it. Perhaps I'm just not going about it right, but whenever I see someone asking which books they would recommend it's quite disconcerting that my one-of-a-kind book on miracles isn't mentioned. 
Take for instance this question on the Capturing Christianity Discussion Group Facebook page: "If I were to study philosophy for the sake of Christian apologetics, where do I start? Any book suggestions?"
Granted, if I jump into the fire I'm going to get burned, but it's quite annoying that the usual books were being mentioned, by WLCraig, JPMoreland, CSLewis, and other fundamentalist apologists along with philosophers.
So I said, "If you want to be spoon fed then read those books. If you also want to think for yourself then read "The Case against Miracles" and I linked to my book. I also linked to this post of mine: What Apologetics And Counter-Apologetics Books Do I Recommend? I got a bunch of laughing emoji's, along with this comment from apologist Matthew Flannagan:
John W. Loftus notice the claim your making here. Your suggesting that if people read any of a number of books by professional philosophers they are just uncritically being spoon fed. However if they read a book you wrote they are thinking. If any claim might be one we should subject to the outsider test I’d say the breath taking hubris in that claim made by the very author himself might be a candidate. 
As you might guess he gets likes and love's. So I responded:
Matthew Flannagan it's not just me who says good things about this book. I would recommend it even if I didn't write anything in it, as it's an anthology. What I was suggesting is that one should read good works from authors who are not trying to defend Christianity of the fundamentalist kind, if they truly want to be educated, especially, and perhaps even exclusively, on the issue of miracles. Do you disagree? If not, we can have a discussion of which books Aldwin Wong should read that are not trying to defend Christianity. Again, here are some recommendations of it. Given those recommendations wouldn't YOU recommend such a work yourself?
Steven Tilley listed a few philosophy of religion anthologies to which I responded:
Why are your suggestions all philosophical in nature when the issue is apologetics? I taught philosophy of religion myself and I loved loved loved "From Socrates to Sartre", but little in your suggested books deal with the evidence for the truth of Christianity. Analytical philosophy, after all, focuses on meanings and coherence, not evidences. Do you recognize that philosophy is but a prolegomena to studying the actual evidence of the miracles in the Bible? The title to CS Lewis' book on miracles suggests it, saying it's just a "Preliminary Study" to the evidence of miracles.

I could only hope for several more of my supporters to be like Dr. David Madison who mentions my works often. [Thank you David!] Or perhaps, there are a few readers who might do what Gary M did, a former conservative Lutheran who writes for his blog Escaping Christian Fundamentalism, which I highly recommend. He challenges people to "Send a copy of 'The Case Against Miracles' to your favorite Christian apologist!!!" 

I am a counter-apologist and have read a long list of books by Christian scholars, apologists, and fellow skeptic counter-apologists. This book, The Case Against Miracles, is absolutely devastating to the theistic belief in miracles, and more specifically, absolutely devastating for the greatest alleged miracle of all, the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.


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