What Would Debates About Christianity Look Like If We Cut to the Chase?

My call for ending the philosophy of religion mirrors the late great Dr. Hector Avalos's call to end biblical studies as we know them. It was greatly influenced by anthropology professor Dr. David Eller.
But my call was required by understanding Dr. Peter Boghossian. I first heard of him in a video where he argued "faith based belief processes are unreliable". His target is against faith itself, faith without sufficient evidence, blind faith, which is the only kind of faith that exists. If faith involves trust, there is no reason to trust in faith. 
I concluded that it's irrational to reason about religious doctrines that have no objective evidence for them. Is it ever rational to believe a proposition that requires objective evidence but does not have any objective evidence for it? No! Is it ever rational to believe a religion that requires objective evidence but does not have any objective evidence for it? No! Just consider the gospel claim that a virgin gave birth to the son of a god, and you'll easily see this point. I've written about faith on multiple occasions, especially agreeing with what George H. Smith said about it.  
No wonder William Lane Craig doesn't want to debate me on this proposition: "There is sufficient objective evidence for the miracle assertions in the Bible." 
Is this claim too boring, too uninteresting for agnostics and atheists to focus on? Why are they focusing on anything else? Why? Curious truth-seekers want to know.
Here's an excerpt from chapter one of my book on horrendous suffering:
4) Using Bayes’ Theorem won’t help clarify our differences. We don’t need Bayes to know where our differences are to be found. We already know. The main difference between us is that believers value faith, blind faith, the only kind of faith there is, faith without objective evidence, while nonbelievers value sufficient objective evidence, and seek to proportion their understandings to the strength of the evidence as best as possible. That’s why we’re nonbelievers.
Christian theologians and apologists like David Marshall and Timothy McGrew scoff at my depictions of faith. They define faith as “trusting, holding to, and acting on what one has good reason to believe is true, in the face of difficulties.” They go on to document that “for nearly two millennia many of the greatest names in the Christian tradition have grounded faith in reason and evidence.”[1] However, it seems to me most believers in the churches and colleges tout the virtues of faith without evidence. Just watch the many interventions that street epistemologist Anthony Magnabosco has published on his YouTube channel. There you’ll watch the evidence. When questioned, believers almost always revert to blind faith as an answer.[2]
It seems as though average Christian believers are better informed about faith than Christian theologians and apologists. They have read and understood the Bible, such as the gospel story of doubting Thomas who refused to believe without objective evidence (John 20:24-29).[3] The whole point of that story is that faith without objective evidence is a virtue not a vice. The lesson to be learned comes from the character of Jesus himself: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”
In any case, how Christians like Marshall and McGrew define faith is irrelevant if there is no objective evidence for it. Not until they can produce the requisite objective evidence can they define faith as trust like they do. Otherwise, their definitions of faith are pure unadulterated obfuscations, meant to hide the fact they don’t have any of it. So let me say it forcefully, that if their faith leads them to define faith as trust in non-existent objective evidence, then there is every reason to reject their faith.
[1] Gilson & Weitnauer, True Reason, 149.

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