Come to the GCRR Virtual Academic eConference on ReligiousTrauma!

Are you suffering from religious trauma? I did, and still do (see below). Visit this virtual academic eConference live on Zoom, hosted by the Global Center for Religious Research, on June 10-11th. It will bring together clinicians, researchers, and survivors from all over the world to discuss the latest research on religious trauma.

Here's a 15% off coupon code. Go to THIS LINK, buy a ticket to the eConference, and use the promo code LOFTUS at checkout. Thanks to the work of Darren Slade for this event and the code!

I was asked recently why I do what I do. My answer included the fact that I suffered from religious trauma. My whole life from my youth, through college, and ministry, until I finally defected, was pursuing a ruse, a farce, a chimera of uselessness. I felt betrayed by a delusion, wondering what I could have done with my life instead, and still do.


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