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My Talk at the GCRR e-Conference on the Historical Jesus

The conference was fantastic! You should attend other virtual eConferences put on by the GCRR! You should also help support what it does by becoming a member.
Below is the first part of my talk, in note form. The rest of my talk was a summation of why reasonable people shouldn't believe any of the miracles in the Bible. Hint: There's no objective evidence for any of them.

Finalized Book Cover of "Varieties of Jesus Mythicism: Did He Even Exist?

Dr, Robert M. Price and I co-edited a book titled, Varieties of Jesus Mythicism: Did He Even Exist? 
We're publishing with Hypatia Press. It will probably be available in a few short months, just after The Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR) hosts the 2021 International eConference on the Historical Jesus
We now have the final book cover. Thanks for the comments and votes. 
Here we are in about 2007.

Foreword by Richard C. Miller
Preface “The Jesus of the Gospels Didn’t Exist” by John Loftus 
Introduction  “New Testament Minimalism” by Robert M. Price
Part 1 Varieties of Jesus Mythicism
1 Why Mythicism Matters, by Dave Fitzgerald. 
2 Jesus, by Barbara G. Walker 
3 Dying and Rising Gods, by Derreck Bennett.  
4 Christianity is a Western Branch of Buddhism, by Michael Lockwood 
5 The Roman Provenance of Christianity, by Joseph Atwill.
6 Pauline Origin of the Gospels in the Wake of the Jewish-Roman War, by R.G. Price 
7 Under the Mushroom Tree, by Michael Hoffman 
8 Star-Lore in the Gospels, by Bill Darlison 
9 The Mythic Power of the Atonement, by Robert M. Price
10 A Sacrifice in Heaven: The Son in the Epistle to the Hebrews, by Earl Doherty
11 The Jewish Myth of Jesus, by Stephan Huller 
12 Jesus: Pre-Existent and Non-Existent, by Robert M. Price 
13 Mark's Gospel: A Performed Play in Rome, by Danila Oder
Part 2 Mythicist Rejoiners to Biblical Scholars
14 Is There a Man Behind the Curtain? A Response to Bart Ehrman, by Robert M. Price
15 A Rejoinder to James McGrath’s Case for Jesus, by Neil Godfrey.
16 Everything is Wrong with This: The Legacy of Maurice Casey, by Tim Widowfield.

Announcing A New Important Anthology On Jesus Mythicism Co-Edited by Robert M. Price and John W. Loftus

Dr. Robert M. Price and I have co-edited a new anthology, tentatively titled "Varieties of Jesus Mythicism." It's to be published by Hypatia Press and should be available in a year or so.

We have chapters by David Fitzgerald ("Why Mythicism Matters"), Earl Doherty, Neil Godfrey, Stephan Huller, Bill Darlison, Joseph Atwill, Derreck Bennett, R.G. Price, Tim Widowfield, Michael Lockwood, Barbara Walker, Danila Oder, plus our own contributions. We also have three chapters disputing historicist biblical scholars Bart D. Ehrman, James McGrath, and the late Maurice Casey. It should be the standard book of theories that might best explain how the Jesus cult began!
Here are the blurbs we've received:
The New Testament Jesus did not exist, but was there a historical figure on whom the legend was based? This anthology will adjust your assessment of the probability. It's a rollicking ride through a biblical battlefield.
-- Dan Barker, co-president of Freedom from Religion Foundation and author of Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists.
For a long time mainstream Bible scholars have known that the gospels are not, in fact, reliable histories of Jesus. Even so, there is a consensus that Jesus existed, and doubting that he was a real person is seen as eccentric or fringe. But respected secular scholars—not beholden to what Hector Avalos has called the ecclesial-academic complex—have questioned that consensus. This new anthology is a welcome addition to the growing library of works that invite close inspection of the issue. These essays explore the diverse amalgam of theologies and superstitions in the ancient world, showing that the origins of Jesus-belief are far more complex than devout scholars have been willing to grant. The previous Loftus anthologies have thoroughly documented the falsification of Christianity—and this one adds dramatically to the case against it.
-- Dr. David Madison, author of Ten Tough Problems in Christian Thought and Belief.
The expert arguments in this book seek to understand how Christianity could have begun without a historical Jesus. All these Mythicist authorities  make very compelling arguments for their respective theories. Which one is correct? Can all of them be correct? Let us think of each contribution as being a description of an evolving thread of religious traditions. If each thread intertwined—at various times and in various places--with all the other threads of tradition described in this book, it should be possible to produce a “grand unifying theory” of how the various forms of earliest Christianity began. Reading this book will be sine qua non for any scholar seeking to trigger a paradigm shift by showing how all these threads braided together to create a Christianity that did not begin at any single point in space or time.
-- Frank R. Zindler, author of The Jesus the Jews Never Knew (2003).
Mainstream experts mostly already agree the miraculous Jesus didn’t exist, but what about a merely human Jesus? This anthology usefully exhibits the full gamut of doubting even that, from the absurd to the sound. Some contributions are not credible, but some are worth considering, and several are brilliant, indeed required reading for anyone exploring the subject.
- Richard Carrier, Ph.D., author of On the Historicity of Jesus.
This is an important and intellectually adventuresome collection of articles, well worth considering, reflecting the wide spectrum of views of those challenging the traditional conservative paradigm on the historicity of Jesus.
--- Russell Gmirkin, author of Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible.