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Field of Dreams MLB Game Will Remind Me Of Baseball Great Tom Loftus

On Thursday, August 11th, baseball fans will watch as the Chicago Cubs take on the Cincinnati Reds in the second installment of the Field of Dreams event at 7:15 p.m. ET on FOX. It will be played in Dyersville Iowa, located in Dubuque County. My great grandfather Tom Loftus was a lifelong resident of Dubuque, and was buried there.

John Pregler is a baseball historian who has written about my great grandfather Tom Loftus. Tom was a Major League Baseball player, manager, co-owner with Albert Spalding of the Chicago Cubs (Orphans), and one of three men who founded the American League (with life long friend Charles Comiskey, and Ban Johnson).

Pregler sent me a message recently, saying: "I'll be thinking of Tom Loftus this Thursday (8/11). One of seven men to manage both the Reds and the Cubs, and the only man to manage in 4 different major leagues. And he is buried 24 miles from the Field of Dreams. Both teams will drive by his cemetery and would be able to see his grave, if they knew he was there, rooting them both on. I've tried in vain to get MLB and FOX Sports to recognize this fact, but crickets."

I responded, "A movie script should be written about this."

Could My Great Grandfather Tom Loftus Be Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame? He Should Be!

Here is a fantastic, and for me fascinating interview with baseball historian John Pregler, concerning the role my Irish Great Grandfather Tom Loftus played in the early history of Major League Baseball. Listen here. Pregler has done a wonderful job in writing about him in the Spring 2020 Baseball Research JournalEven if this topic may sound boring to you, there's so much that is utterly fascinating you should listen to it! It aired on "Sport's Forgotten Heroes." Enjoy. I did! He's even being suggested as a future inductee into the Baseball Hall of fame!

My Great Grandfather's Major League Baseball Legacy Has Been Settled!

Finally! 110 years after he died, my great grandfather's efforts in the early years of baseball has been acknowledged and noted! Here is a picture of him I hadn't seen before.
The recent Spring 2020 issue of the Baseball Research Journal has a story written by John T. Pregler titled, "Tom Loftus: The American League's Forgotten Founding Father." He was famous in his day, very much so!
Tom's son was named John. His son's name was Tom, my dad. From Tom to John to Tom to you know who! My older brother's name was Tom. Cool, eh?
To read the article Click Here. To see a photo of the Journal cover and first page of the article see below. Yes. it's exciting!

Baseball Research Journal: Tom Loftus is the American League’s Forgotten Founding Father.

Here is the link to the long awaited article: Tom Loftus: The American League’s Forgotten Founding Father. This is my Great Grandfather Tom Loftus! I've written about him before. He's finally getting the recognition he deserves. He was widely hailed in his day as important to Major League Baseball, especially his role in helping to start the American League and in navigating through the baseball wars of 1899-1903. I'm so thankful to have lived long enough to see this day! Here are a few snippets:

Finally the Chicago Cubs Won it and Did it in a Big Way!

Yesssss! Chicago Cubs are the world champions!!! Finally! After all these years they did it with an amazing comeback for the record books! My great grandfather Tom Loftus (Thomas Joseph Loftus, November 15, 1856 - April 16, 1910) managed both the Chicago Orphans (Cubs) and the Cleveland Blues (Indians).

To the right is a photo of the 1901 Chicago Orphans (Cubs) that my great grandfather Tom Loftus managed. Top Row, L-R: Jock Menefee (OF/P), Cozy Dolan (OF), Bert Cunningham (P), Fred Raymer (3B/SS), Jim Delahanty (3B), Frank Chance (OF/C), Charlie Dexter (1B/3B/OF), Johnny Kling (C). Middle Row, L-R: Long Tom Hughes (P), Cupid Childs (2B), Mal Eason (P), Jack Doyle (1B), Tom Loftus (Mgr.), Danny Green (OF), Barry McCormick (SS), Jack Taylor (P). Bottom Row, L-R: Topsy Hartsel (OF), Mike Kahoe (C).

Here is a photo of the 1888 Cleveland Blues (Indians) that my great grandfather Tom Loftus managed.

My Irish Ancestry, Folklore and Songs, In Preparation for St. Patrick's Day

This week leading up to St. Patrick's Day I'm going to share a bit of my ancestry with you along with some Irish folklore, songs and history.

I'll start with my great grandfather Tom J. Loftus (1856-1910), since I don't want his accomplishments to be forgotten. He was Irish and was proud of it. Can you tell? His parents immigrated from Ireland during the Irish Potato Famine. Tom was about as famous in America as one could hope for, given that by the last decade of his life baseball was America's favorite pastime. You see, he was a Major League Baseball (MLB) player who later coached/managed several MLB teams across the country, like the Milwaukee Brewers, Cincinnati Reds, Washington Senators, and the Chicago Orphans, later to be known as the Cubs, which he co-owned with Albert Spalding (yes, that Spalding). Being a manger also meant he was the recruiter. He helped the American League to start up (in 1901) to rival the National League, that gave rise to the World Series. When the Three Eyes League (or "Three I's League" representing Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa) had major rifts between them, Tom was the only one they could all agree to manage it. He was a life-long friend of Charles Comiskey, having first played ball with him in Dubuque, Iowa. In fact, Tom earned the two highest accolades that could be given: "Baseball Man" (or "Man of Baseball") and "Magnate." Here's part of his obituary on the front page of the sports section in the Chicago Tribune, April 17th, 1910: