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The Idea of Heaven Seems Strange To Me Now


Now  that I've been out of Christianity for a while, one thing that seems very strange to me is the Christian conception of a Heaven in which, day and night, people will be singing songs to God and telling him how great he is.  For one thing, wouldn't that get old rather quickly?  More importantly though, what kind of person would want people groveling and constantly going on about how awesome you are?  I could see a North Korean dictator enjoying that sort of thing (Kim Jong-un certainly does), but normal people?  No way!  What kind of person needs their self-esteem propped up by that sort of subservient, fawning adulation?   Imagine if when your friends were with you, all they did was bow down before you,  sing songs in honor of you, and constantly shower you with praise.  Wouldn't it make you uncomfortable; embarrassed?  Healthy relationships certainly don't work that way. 

A Brief Thought: Dennis Rodman, Kim Jong-un, and Yahweh

The way that Christians are willing to ignore all the horrible aspects of their god's character and actions (as reported in the Bible), and blissfully cozy up to him reminds me of how Dennis Rodman likes hanging out with sadistic North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un.  It kind of makes you want to shake  him and say "What the hell are you thinking?!" 

I guess for Christians, the perceived benefits of being buddies with a powerful psychopath outweigh the negatives.

Written by J. M. Green