A Christian and an Atheist Discuss the Reality of God Here at DC

Simon Brown:

Dear Harry H. McCall please please stop blaspheming God. For your own sake. I was once told about two people who did a similar thing. one person kept blaspheming God and eventually died of throat cancer. Another person was also blaspheming God and laughing at his friends for believing in Jesus. He then got on his motor bike and had a head on collision with a lorry. He was decapitated from his head. Please for your own sake have some respect.

My reply:
So just how do I get your King James Bible God to function? Oh that’s right, God via Jesus has let billions of Christians die, many with horrible deaths suffering chronic intense pain from cancer all the while claiming God’s Bible promises of help . . . believers who really loved God / Jesus and who pleaded with him (or them) for some, no, any help; but none came. So now your impotent God (who abandons his own loving faithful), is going to go after me? What a joke your God is!!!!!
Then after billions of Christians die crying to this dead beat God for help with suffering and pain, I die 40 years later (at 103) after living a healthy, happy life and then (if you’re even around), you can say, “See, God finally got him!  He’s frying like bacon in Hell now.”
Chances are you’ll die a hard death pleading with your God for help all the while justifying, rationalizing and bargaining with this myth to try and comfort yourself with his inaction to help you. But wait, God may be “testing you”!
But hey, you've got Heaven waiting on you. Your God let you (and billions) down once, so you know you can trust him again!  Amen brother, way to go!

Simon Brown:
Dear friend Harry H. McCall, We trust in God even when we do not always understand Him, as He has commanded us to do. If we could fully understand Him, He would be a simple God. But instead His ways are far greater then our ways which is why we do not understand Him always.
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