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Is the Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Better Than Mohammed's Miracles?

No. All Christians have is ancient testimony which is the same evidence as those who claim Mohammed flew through the night, or that Balaam's ass talked, or that Jonah was swallowed by a great mythical fish, or that an axehead floated, or that a pillar of fire directed the Israelites by night, or that the Red Sea parted, or that the pool of Siloam healed people, and so on. But ancient testimony ain't worth *shit* when it comes to any of these things. It doesn't matter how believers dress them up either. ;-)

Debate with Jerry McDonald: My Final Rebuttal

With my fifth rebuttal now up (please read!), the final round of my debate with Jerry McDonald is now complete. All that remains is for Jerry to write his concluding summary.

update: Jerry's summary remarks is now up, which concludes this debate. Those who don't have an account on FRDB can view Jerry's remarks here on his website

Debate with Jerry McDonald: Jerry's Fifth Affirmative

Jerry McDonald’s fifth and final affirmative is now up; mine will appear shortly (a few days, at most). Those who can’t see the debate at FRDB (because they don’t have an account) can read his latest statement at Jerry’s website

Debate with Jerry McDonald: Fourth Round

The fourth round of my debate with preacher Jerry McDonald is now complete—there is one final round left (consisting of one affirmative and one rebuttal statement), plus Jerry’s concluding summary.

Debate with Jerry McDonald: Round Two

Round two is now complete. Jerry’s second affirmative and my second rebuttal have been posted, and both statements are divided into two parts (because of their length). I'm curious to know what people think.

Debate with Jerry McDonald: Did God raise Jesus from the dead?

Tomorrow, Jerry McDonald is scheduled to post his opening statement affirming the debate resolution: It is a historical fact that God raised Jesus from the dead.

The debate will occur here, and I'll have two weeks to compose a rebuttal. There will be a total of five rounds plus one concluding brief statement from the affirmative side. This debate, I promise you, will not be a typical resurrection debate: for interested readers, I plan on using arguments along these lines in my rebuttals. Stay tuned.